9 thoughts on “Vegas Power Ratings”

  1. I find it weird that the Spurs are ranked so high, but some of it is probably me being confused why they’re playing so well without Ginobili.
    Philly’s rating fell last week…. that’s certainly weird, and probably not correct (on the bettors part)
    The Celtics are another team that puzzle me a little, they loose most of the time, yet RAPM still ranks them highly and Vegas seems to somewhat agree. Their bench is absolutely horrible though (Pavlovic/Stiemsma) and their starting unit is not killing opponents as badly as they used to (with Perkins though)
    Atlanta seems a little low for a team that’s 10-4 and a +7 point differential
    Detroit seems high given their -10 differential
    Cleveland at #27? They’re 6-6 and +3. Their rookies are doing well, and they don’t have to deal with many injuries

  2. Without Horford, I would think Atlanta will have a tough time keeping up that record. I also think everyone forgot that Varejao is a very good basketball player and anchors that defense. Two teams have made huge jumps defensively (unfortunately for me, GSW is not one of them): Cleveland (with the return of Varejao) and Minnesota (for no reason that I can think of, to be honest).

  3. I wonder how much of these lines reflect Vegas’s actual view on the teams and how much reflects an effort to get a balance of money on each side.

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