ROY Watch

For an explanation of the ezPM rating system, see here (original description of model), here (introduced ezPM with play-by-play data), here (added counterpart rebounds), and here (added counterpart defense).

Tip: You can search the spreadsheet just like it's part of the web page using your browser's search feature.

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Mike, I can't do that on the spreadsheet on this page, but you can go to the Google Doc directly (click on the link above the table) and do all that stuff. At least, I think you can. At the very least, you could download the spreadsheet as a .csv file and import into Excel or whatever. Players are sorted in descending order by WARP. Thanks for the note on Skinner. Usually all the rookies are listed at the bottom of the bballvalue's player list, so I didn't vet them all. Not sure why he'd be down there.

Hey, Brian Skinner is not a rookie. Can you narrow the columns so more of them can be seen? In Excel, you just select all and double-click any one. Can you 'freeze' the column headers (top line), so that when I scroll down I know what I'm looking at? Are players ranked by some quantity?


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