Sample Game (csv)

Since Aaron Barzilai was hired by the 76ers recently, it seems unlikely that he will continue to provide matchup files over at his site , which he ran for many years. I have been using those files to compute ezPM, PSAMS, and all my adjusted metrics, so I decided that I would need to figure out the matchups for myself. The link above is the result.

You can see an example matchup above (CSV) and below (JSON). The fields should be self-explanatory. I will probably be adding more stats in future iterations, but this will likely continue to be the basic JSON format. I suspect that very few people will use these data, but if you do, and if you spot errors, please inform me so that I may correct them.

The CSV file does not contain the exiting and entering players.


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First off, great site you've got here. I found this on the APBRmetrics forum and am very impressed. I was wondering if you are going to keep updating the play-by-play csv data for the rest of the season?