ezPM Player Ratings

For an explanation of the ezPM rating system, see here (original description of model), here (introduced ezPM with play-by-play data), here (added counterpart rebounds), and here (added counterpart defense).
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16 thoughts on “ezPM Player Ratings”

  1. I’m a new reader and just finished reading your methods for ezPM and like the metric a lot. But how do you calculate WARP and WARP75? Also, what does the TD100 and Own categories on the spreadsheet mean?

    1. warp=ezpm*2.54/82.0+(3.33*poss/100)*2.54/82.0

      TD100 is D100+DRB100 (i.e. defense + defensive rebounding)
      TO100 is O100+ORB100 (similar explanation)

      Own is the rate at which shots are taken against the opponent (think of it as “defensive usage”). Higher OWN means more shots are taken by the player’s counterpart position.

      1. Thanks.

        So is there any correlation with a higher OWN and a lower D100? You would think that the opposing teams would attack the defenders who they believe are “weak”.

  2. A couple questions: First, which version of the defensive counterpart stat did you use in your calculations here? Def’ (the one without the assisted and unassisted counterpart data) or Def” (the one where you included the assisted and unassisted counterpart data)? 
    Also, do you have previous years ezPM (with the counterpart data included)?

  3. Hey, maybe this is a really dumb question. But, on the google document, should the Offensive and Defensive columns be adding up to the ezPM100? I noticed that for some players, that adds up, but for others (Lebron James, James Harden, most of the top players, it is not adding up correctly.

    1. Not a dumb question at all. A couple years ago(?) I added a new component to give explicit value to usage. On the spreadsheet you can see it as “USG100”. If you add this to the other components, it should add up.

  4. Exum is very good for a rookie according to RAPM, pretty solid by RPM, awful by ezPM and win shares.

    He doesn’t do anything, but the team plays better with him.

    What am I supposed to think of all of this?

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