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PSAMS Regressed on ORAPM: A New Variant of Statistical +/- for Offense

One form of +/- that I didn’t mention in my Advanced Stats Primer (but which will be included in a future update) is statistical +/- (SPM). I know, you’re thinking, isn’t +/- already “statistical”? Yes, but in the land of jargon, even jargon begets its own jargon. SPM essentially is a model created by regressing simple or advanced box score stats (see and for current examples) onto some form of adjusted +/- (APM or RAPM).

In the past I looked into the , and found that the results were statistically significant and fairly high (R^2=0.32). Here, I took the individual components of my  for 2011, and regressed those onto Jeremias Engelmann’s . Continue reading

The City’s Way Way Way Too Early MVP Award

This post serves two purposes. Actually, it serves just one real purpose, which is to point out where you can find the most current ezPM ratings (click on the link at the top of the page to jump to a Google Spreadsheet). Continue reading