ezPM ratings are back!

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It’s taken me several months to re-code my play-by-play parser since Basketball-Value.com is no longer being updated (i.e. since Aaron Barzilai was hired by the 76ers). The cool part is that now I can make updates faster. I also have more data available to put in the model. Every play (or event) in my database has a lot of information associated with it that can be queried. To illustrate, here’s a typical field goal attempt (it should be pretty straightforward to follow each field):

	"Lakers" : [
		"Steve Blake",
		"Kobe Bryant",
		"Antawn Jamison",
		"Pau Gasol",
		"Jordan Hill"
	"Warriors" : [
		"Stephen Curry",
		"Klay Thompson",
		"Richard Jefferson",
		"Carl Landry",
		"David Lee"
	"_id" : ObjectId("50d802605bca6d03c1008ad6"),
	"as" : 24,
	"away" : "Warriors",
	"block" : "Jordan Hill",
	"coords" : {
		"x" : 2,
		"y" : 10
	"date" : "2012-11-09",
	"distance" : 4,
	"espn_id" : "400277800",
	"event" : "Jordan Hill blocks a Stephen Curry driving finger roll shot from 4 feet out.",
	"home" : "Lakers",
	"hs" : 27,
	"made" : false,
	"opponent" : "Lakers",
	"pid" : 142,
	"q" : 2,
	"release" : "driving finger roll shot",
	"season" : "2013",
	"shooter" : "Stephen Curry",
	"t" : "9:22",
	"team" : "Warriors",
	"type" : "fga",
	"url" : "http://scores.nbcsports.msnbc.com/nba/pbp.asp?gamecode=2012110913",
	"value" : 2

Here’s an example of a turnover (you’ll see the fields are somewhat different, because it’s a different type of event):

	"Suns" : [
		"Goran Dragic",
		"Jared Dudley",
		"P.J. Tucker",
		"Luis Scola",
		"Marcin Gortat"
	"Warriors" : [
		"Stephen Curry",
		"Jarrett Jack",
		"Klay Thompson",
		"David Lee",
		"Andrew Bogut"
	"_id" : ObjectId("50d801f85bca6d03c1001113"),
	"as" : 46,
	"away" : "Warriors",
	"date" : "2012-10-31",
	"espn_id" : "400277730",
	"event" : "Stephen Curry with a bad pass turnover: Bad Pass",
	"home" : "Suns",
	"hs" : 36,
	"opponent" : "Suns",
	"pid" : 195,
	"player" : "Stephen Curry",
	"q" : 2,
	"season" : "2013",
	"t" : "3:39",
	"team" : "Warriors",
	"tov_type" : "Bad Pass",
	"type" : "tov",
	"url" : "http://scores.nbcsports.msnbc.com/nba/pbp.asp?gamecode=2012103121"

Anyway, after doing all this, I can now get back to routinely calculating my various metrics, and hopefully, making them even more informative in the future. For example, here are a couple of things I’m working on for a future iteration of ezPM:

  • Change value of a rebound depending on the floor location and type of release. For example, if the offense tends to have a higher OREB% after a missed layup attempt, than the value of a defensive board in that situation should be higher.
  • Similarly, a player might be debited less for a missed layup attempt, since the offense has a better chance of securing the rebound.
  • Another change that I’ve been wanting to make for a while is to make the value of a possession dependent on the starting state. For example, possessions started after a steal, defensive rebound, or made basket, tend to have different expected values. This should be accounted for wherever the model uses PPP.

PSAMS Regressed on ORAPM: A New Variant of Statistical +/- for Offense

One form of +/- that I didn’t mention in my Advanced Stats Primer (but which will be included in a future update) is statistical +/- (SPM). I know, you’re thinking, isn’t +/- already “statistical”? Yes, but in the land of jargon, even jargon begets its own jargon. SPM essentially is a model created by regressing simple or advanced box score stats (see here and here for current examples) onto some form of adjusted +/- (APM or RAPM).

In the past I looked into the correlation between the offensive components of 3-yr RAPM and ezPM, and found that the results were statistically significant and fairly high (R^2=0.32). Here, I took the individual components of my PSAMS (Position- and Shot-Adjusted Marginal Scoring) metric¬†for 2011, and regressed those onto Jeremias Engelmann’s 2011 ORAPM data set. Continue reading “PSAMS Regressed on ORAPM: A New Variant of Statistical +/- for Offense”

The City’s Way Way Way Too Early MVP Award

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