Lists! The League's Best Scorers in 2013 according to Scoring Index

Long time, no write. I've been busy with things lately, as some of you may know. Hopefully, I can sprinkle in more posts now and again, though. So to ease back into this web logging habit, I've compiled a list of the best scorers this season from (heard of it?). The "Scoring Index" (SI) is based on work I did a while back (see here and here and here and here and here) looking at the tradeoff between usage (i.e. volume shooting) and efficiency (measured by TS%). At the very edge of the TS-USG relationship, there appears to be a "frontier" of all-time great scorers.

The "Usage-Efficiency" Frontier

The list I've compiled has a minimum threshold of 250 FGA taken. The one (significant) change I've made from the earlier metric is that SI is "signed", meaning if a player actually falls outside of the frontier (above and to the right of that line on the plot), they will have a SI > 1. IOW, they are scoring at a rate even better than the all-time greats. And wouldn't you know, we happen to have a couple players like that this season. You may have heard of them.

Here's the list in all it's glory. And if you're wondering (which you surely are by now)'s Draymond Green.

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I really love the frontier line. I've been referencing that chart when looking at LeBron and Durant's TS%. I did something similar with points and TS% for single games, and there's also a frontier line there. Except that there are two lines: one on the right for limiting efficiency and one on the left for a limit of inefficiency, as guys who aren't shooting well won't shoot enough to score more points.

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 ascreamingacrossthecourt Ooh, that's interesting. Another idea I had (for another day) is to do this in 3-D with %AST being the third axis. Perhaps, there would be a frontier plane to look for!

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 Actually, I thought of looking at points, TS% and turnovers. I do love to graph in three-dimensions or even more than that. I was going to do an updated graph and analysis of 40 point or more games broken down by TS% and TOs after the season officially ended, although I do include playoffs.