Exploring the Usage-Efficiency Landscape A Bit More

I created a Tableau visualization of all 10,000+ TS-USG data points, which includes all player-seasons since 1980 with greater than 100 FGA in a season. Allow me to give you a virtual tour, before you go off and play with the data on your own (be careful!).

The red line represents what I have proposed is the “efficient frontier” (to borrow terminology from finance).

Think of the big blob of data points roughly as a clock. Let’s go around counter-clockwise. When you explore the Tableau viz, you can zoom in on data points, and click on individual points to see more details, such as the year, team, and age of the player.

Extremely High Usage, Moderate Efficiency

Located at roughly 3 o’clock on the entire data set.

High Usage, High Efficiency

Located between 1-2 o’clock.

Moderate Usage, Extremely High Efficiency

Zoomed in to roughly 12 o’clock.

Extremely Low Usage, Moderate Efficiency

Located at 9 o’clock.

Extremely Low Usage, Extremely Low Efficiency

At least these guys didn’t shoot too much.

7:30 on the clock.

Moderate Usage, Extremely Low Efficiency

Located at about 6 o’clock.

High Usage, Low Efficiency

Roughly 5 o’clock.

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