3-Year Adjusted Mid-Range Shooting Efficiency (Or Remember This Post When the Warriors Trade Away Ekpe Udoh for a Cup of Coffee)

The orthogonal metrics keep rolling along. In the previous few posts I looked at how players affect the rate (per 100) of mid-range/inside/fta shot attempts while on offense or defense. In this post I'll start looking at how players affect shooting efficiency at the team level for each shot type.

To calculate adjusted mid-range efficiency, I first tabulated for each player the number of (team) points scored on mid-range shots, in addition to the number of mid-range attempts, and computed the resulting points-per-shot (PPS) which was then multiplied by 100 (the reason for multiplying by 100 was primarily so that I could work with integers in R, something I highly recommend when possible). This is the metric being adjusted.

Without further adieu, let's get to the lists. Players with >1500 possessions are shows.


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5 thoughts on “3-Year Adjusted Mid-Range Shooting Efficiency (Or Remember This Post When the Warriors Trade Away Ekpe Udoh for a Cup of Coffee)”

  1. Am I reading this right that even the best guys on offense lead to < 1% increased midrange fg% for the rest of the team? If so, how significant is this?

    1. Well, it's a little tricker than that. Remember the regularization tends to shrink the coefficients, which leads to better predictions. If I run this without the regularization, the effect will appear much larger, but it won't be as good a predictor.

      Perhaps the best way to determine the importance of all these adjusted metrics I'm doing is to regress them on ORAPM and DRAPM, and see how influential each factor really is.

  2. I remembered that thread title when I saw they traded Udoh. But I suppose it can actually be an OK trade if Bogut can stay healthy (big IF). Further, Udoh would probably never gotten star status and would have always been a lot cheaper.
    Were you upset? At least they get a better pick now..

    1. Just deciding to move on from Ellis makes it worth it. I like Udoh though. I hope he has a productive career. And who's to say we don't go after him when he becomes a restricted free agent in a few years? I agree he will always be cheaper, maybe cheap enough, that you can overpay him and it will still be worth it.

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